Ibuprofen DC100

Ibuprofen DC100 is pelletized ibuprofen consisting of 100% pure active without additional excipients. The high concentration of API provides maximum freedom in formulation of dosage forms e.g. tablet size and release characteristics to achieve better patients’ compliance. Complex Ibuprofen formulations resulting from the critical compression behavior of the drug can be easily substituted using the 100 % active granules keeping the registered composition in the outer phase.

Ibuprofen DC100 by ingredientpharm-1Ibuprofen DC100 by ingredientpharm-1
Ibuprofen DC100 Cellets by ingredientpharm-2Ibuprofen DC100 Cellets by ingredientpharm-2
Tartaric Acid Pellet 1Tartaric Acid Pellet 1
Flow chart process steps 1-2Flow chart process steps 1-2
Flow chart process steps 2-2Flow chart process steps 2-2

Your benefits

100% pure active for easy formulations.

  • 0% additional excipients
  • Controlled pellet size
  • GMP quality made in Germany
  • Simplifying drug formulations
  • Substitutes risks and critical compression behavior of Ibuprofen granules
  • Economic solution: cost & time saving
  • Unlimited scalability