CELLETS® – MCC Spheres

100 µm – 1400 µm

CELLETS® – MCC Spheres – are perfect starter beads for multi-particulate dosage forms, tablets, minitablets and capsule applications.

CELLETS® are made from 100% certified MCC (Microcrystalline Cellulose) and pure water, only. They are inert, tasteless and odorless. With strong physical properties, such as zero friability, high degree of sphericity, best monodispersity, and low swelling index, CELLETS® are extremely versatile.

All CELLETS® products have analyzed quality according to Ph.Eur., USP/NF and JPE. High-level certified producer from Germany. Special sizes on request.

CELLETS® – MCC Spheres made in Germany have strongest impact in scientific publications and marketed pharmaceutical formulations.

Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-4Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-4
Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-3Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-3
Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-2Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-2
Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-1Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-1
Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-5Cellets(R) by ingredientpharm-5
Cellets(R) by Ingredient PharmCellets(R) by Ingredient Pharm
Cellets(R) 1000Cellets(R) 1000
API coating on tartaric acid pelletsAPI coating on tartaric acid pellets
Pellet technology dissolutionPellet technology dissolution

Your benefits: CELLETS® – MCC Spheres

  • supporting micropellet solutions from 100 µm to 200 µm: perfect for highly active low dosage API.
  • enabling controlled release and combinatory products
  • assisting formulations of sensitive actives due to the inertness of MCC
  • simplifying and accelerating production processes due to low water solubility
  • unlocking unseen rheological behavior as a matter of best sphericity – ideal for capsules
  • showing excellent compactibility due to the high plasticity
  • improving efficiency of coating processes thanks to high abrasion resistance