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Online seminar recording: Functional Tartaric Acid Pellets in Modern Formulation Challenges

Apr 05, 2022. Register for the online seminar recordings: “Functional Tartaric Acid Pellets in Modern Formulation Challenges”. Speakers: Philippe Tschopp, Raja Subburayalu, with kind session chair by Marco Resciniti. Sponsoring companies: Glatt Group, ingredientpharm, PHARMATRANS SANAQ AG, HARKE GROUP. Register here: Webinar-Registrierung – Zoom

List of CBD approved products published by FSA

A list of CBD approved products published by FSA (Food Standards Agency, UK) has been published. This list contains CBD products linked to novel food applications. Thereby, the UK is the first country in the world regulating the market of safe, legal cannabis extracts for oral uptake. This FCA list is one important milestone towards a full […]

PBP World Meeting, 2022

ingredientpharm will present the current portfolio of pelletized excipients and API on 13th PBP World Meeting – the World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, on 28 – 31 March 2022, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Together with Glatt, the joined booth will also serve information about process technologies and individual information for CDMO services. […]

Starter pellets for generic drugs, BSC Class IV

ingredientpharm extends Tartaric Acid Pellets (TAP®) portfolio adjusting to future generic drug formulations on BCS Class IV drugs. TAP are starter pellets for generic drugs, BSC Class IV. BSC Class IV drugs have low solubility and low permeability properties. Typical drugs are Verapamil HCL, Propiverine HCL, Papaverine, Dipyridamole, or Dabigatran. Functional TAP® starter pellets increase […]

Glatt – an exceptional partner for integrated process solutions

GLATT is your exceptional partner for integrated process solutions for developing, processing and manufacturing powder solids. Develop powerful technologies, roll out innovative ideas, share our cumulative expertise worldwide – that is our mission. With integral solutions to make your business a success. As a pioneer in fluidized bed technology, we are now the exceptional partner […]

New information pool for MCC pellets

A new information pool for MCC pellets displays scientific work performed with CELLETS®. Starter pellets made of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) are traditionally called CELLETS® at ingredientpharm. MCC pellets do not only play a major role in modern pharmaceutical formulations for oral drugs, but are frequently investigated in scientific research and industrial studies. This list of […]

TAP Registration for Chinese Market

ingredientpharm announces that TAP Registration for Chinese Market is approved. The new Drug Master File for TAP® following ChP regulations enables to use drug formulations containing TAP® to be marketed in one of the world largest pharmaceutical markets. TAP® is a pelletized excipient made of 100% Tartaric Acid. These functional pellets modify the local environment and […]