5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen

Which are the top 5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen? Granulated Ibuprofen – in special if it is made of 100% drug – is offering advantages in formulation, processability, yield optimization. In the following, we give a selection of recently most remarkable keypoints.

5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen
5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen

1) Formulations made of granulated Ibuprofen offer a plus in technical properties, and owing comparable dissolution times.

Speaking about tablet dissolution of Ibuprofen for most of the marketed products, you might think about Ibuprofen in the conventional physical form. Since a while, a granulated form of Ibuprofen is available on the market, serving certain advances, which as listed elsewhere. So, it is on this application note to address the first comparison in dissolution kinetics of both drug forms.

Tablet dissolution of Ibuprofen: conventional versus granulated drug

Titelbild Tableting of granulated Ibuprofen DC100

2) Increasing drug load, increased consumer compliance

A granulated Ibuprofen formulation allowed a drug load of 90% compared to 665 in a conventional Ibuprofen formulation. In turn, tablet size is reduced to a more acceptable level. Consequently, consumer compliance in increased. Read more about a study in which tablets of granulated and conventional Ibuprofen are compared. Not only the tablet dimension and mass, but also the dissolution kinetics are investigated.

Formulation trials with Ibuprofen DC100 for direct compression

3) avoiding stickiness behavior in compaction processes during tableting

granulated Ibuprofen DC100 allows easier compression and compaction in tablet production cycles. Thus, it avoids main drug issues such as stickiness at the punches. Above all it might reduce loss in yield. Therefore, Ibuprofen DC100 might turn out to be the better drug for oral formulations. Here, we additionally shed some light on the tablets’ surface and gain in tablets’ properties.

5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen

4) 100% pure Ibuprofen for easy substitution in dossiers

As the pure granulated form of Ibuprofen does not contain any further excipient, Ibuprofen DC100 can easily used for substitution in dossiers. Thus, Ibuprofen DC100 can replace current Ibuprofen grade with only minor regulatory changes since no other excipient is employed. Ibuprofen DC100 for direct compression is not only useful for tablets, but also for sachets or stick pack applications: Taste-masking with these granules is comparable simple realize and results in an increased client compliance. Finally, Ibuprofen DC100 simplifies drug formulations and substitutes risks and critical compression behavior. Ger more knowledge from this article.

Ibuprofen DC100 made for direct compression

5) more opportunities for layering, taste masking

Because of the smoothness and low porosity, Ibuprofen DC100 spheres can be conveniently layered with taste masking coatings to prepare easy to swallow taste masked drug products such as sachets or orodispersible tablet (ODT) preparations. Thereby, the pharmaceutical formulations might provide immediate or extended drug release profiles. Read more details about how this is achieved.

5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen – a conclusion

Summarizing the 5 facts on granulated Ibuprofen: It is possible to have Ibuprofen granulated. Doing things right, no further excipient is employed. That’s the base for an easy substitution in existing formulations. Additionally, further constraints pointing to patient compliance, release times, taste-masking and tablet size can be quickly addressed.