Collection list 2024 is available

The recent update of the collection list 2024 on scientific papers on MCC pellets is online, now. 100+ scientifically proven publications are chronologically listed. This list is a valuable tool for students and professionals in pharmaceuticals to quickly find the right content in formulation science.

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Keep us informed about your recent publications. We will take care to have your publication referred in the collection list.


simply upgrade your thesis with references from the collection list.


broaden your know-how in pellet technologies.


collect and link the right information for your presentations.


find latest results from other universities and institutions.

Industrial seniors

quickly link to valuable information, getting fast input for your R&D projects.

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About MCC pellets

MCC pellets, such as CELLETS®,  are spherical, inert starter beads in main sizes of 100 µm to 1400 µm in diameter. The chemical inertness makes them becoming a popular tool as drug transport vehicle. By layering and coating, the drug and further functional excipients are technically composed yielding a desired drug release profile in oral formulations.

There are several scientific investigations, which results are frequently being published in high-ranked journals. The collecation list 2024 is gathering many relevant results, links to publications or free-access print-outs.

If you like to hear more about advantages of MCC spheres in pharmaceutical formulations, get in touch with us.