Taste-masked Caffeine (formulation matrix)

formulation matrix for individualization

Taste-masked Caffeine (formulation matrix) captures two goals: efficiency and simplicity for efficient formulation of caffeine-containing food solutions.

This formulation matrix has been designed in a way to mask the bitter taste of Caffeine. Caffeine naturally has a bitter taste, which some people find unpleasant. In various products like energy drinks, supplements, or even some medications, caffeine may be included for its stimulating effects but is often accompanied by other flavors or ingredients to make it more palatable.

Taste-masked Caffeine formulation matrix covers the bitter taste of caffeine, allowing it to be incorporated into product formulations without compromising their flavor profiles. This could involve using flavoring agents and aromas to follow specific product design or color while preserving the stimulant properties of caffeine.

The formulation matrix is a granule composed of food-grade ingredients. Granules offer better flow, reduced dustiness, improved dispersibility, and often enhanced stability compared to powders in various applications.

Typical applications are stickpacks, chewing gums, candies, energy powders and bars. Different aromas and colors can be realized as functional add-on in the formulation matrix.

Taste-masked Caffeine (formulation matrix)

Your benefits

  • enabling simple development of caffeine-containing product solutions
  • enabling efficient taste-masking
  • quick personalization for product and corporate design specifications (aroma, color, Vitamins)