Innovative dosage forms for targeted formulations

Why are pharmaceutical pellets innovative dosage forms for targeted formulations? Pharmaceutical pellets are an advanced and versatile drug delivery form that is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry. These spherical starter cores offer a wide range of benefits and applications, ranging from targeted drug delivery to improving patient compliance.

Pellets can have different size distributions, often ranging from 60 µm to 1,400 µm. The use of pellets allows precise control of the release kinetics of the active substance in the body, which leads to improved therapeutic effectiveness. One classifies according to inert pellets (sugar, – MCC pellets) or functional pellets (acid pellets, e.g. tartaric acid pellets).

The manufacturing process of pellet formulations involves the spraying and coating techniques where the active ingredient and functional excipients are layered onto the pellet. A key advantage of pharmaceutical pellets lies in their ability to combine different active ingredients with different release profiles in a single dosage form. This is particularly useful in the treatment of diseases where a combination of multiple drugs is required or where sustained or targeted drug release is required. By precisely controlling the rate of release, pellets can help minimize unwanted side effects and maximize the effectiveness of therapy.

Another plus point is improved patient acceptance. Pellets can be filled into capsules, embedded in tablets, or even mixed into foods, making them more convenient for patients, especially those who have difficulty swallowing pills. This can increase therapy adherence and positively influence the outcome of the treatment. Also in pediatrics – medicines for newborns, babies and small children – pellet formulations offer the great advantage of adapting the dosage to the needs of these patient groups. Complex re-formulations very often become obsolete.

Advantage of pharmaceutical pellets in innovative dosage forms

Pros of Pharmaceutical Pellets

  • Precise Drug Release:

    Pellets allow for controlled and targeted drug release, ensuring optimal therapeutic effects and minimizing side effects.

  • Versatile Formulation:

    Pellets can combine multiple active ingredients with varying release profiles in a single dosage form, enabling effective combination therapies.

  • Improved Patient Compliance:

    Smaller pellet sizes and various administration methods (e.g., capsule, tablet embedding) make them more palatable, increasing patient acceptance and adherence to treatment.

  • Enhanced Bioavailability:

    Pellets can improve drug solubility and absorption, leading to enhanced bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy.

  • Flexible Dosage Adjustment:

    Pellets allow for easy dose adjustments, making them suitable for pediatric, geriatric, and patients with special needs.

  • Reduced Side Effects:

    Controlled drug release minimizes peak plasma concentrations, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

  • Targeted Therapies:

    Pellets can be designed for site-specific drug delivery, beneficial for conditions affecting specific areas of the body.

Cons of Pharmaceutical Pellets

  • Complex Manufacturing:

    The production of pharmaceutical pellets can be more complex compared to traditional dosage forms.

  • Dosage Variability:

    Variations in pellet size and drug distribution within pellets can potentially lead to dosing inconsistencies if not controlled properly.

  • Limited Immediate Release:

    Pellets might not be suitable for medications requiring immediate release due to their controlled-release nature.

  • Potential Interactions:

    Pellets containing multiple drugs might exhibit interactions that need to be carefully studied and managed.

  • Avoiding the Cons

    Get in touch with CDMOs for pharmaceutical formulation of oral dosage forms, e.g. Glatt Pharmaceutical Services. Having professionals on-board will target your formulations goals with strongs benefits.

Remember that the pros and cons can vary based on the specific drug, patient population, and therapeutic goals. It’s important to carefully consider these factors when deciding for using pharmaceutical pellets in Innovative dosage forms.


Finally, pharmaceutical pellets represent a significant innovation in drug formulation. Their multiple advantages in terms of precise release, combination of active ingredients, and patient acceptance help increase drug efficacy and improve therapy outcomes. With continuous advances in pharmaceutical technology, we can’t wait to see how this formulation technique will evolve in the future.

Pharmaceutical pellets: Innovative dosage forms