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Cannabis-Net meeting

ingredientpharm is hosting in a joint cooperation with University Hohenheim, Cannabis-Net Association, Glatt GmbH and Orocan AG the present Cannabis-Net meeting. From October 12th to 13th, international cannabis experts and project partners meet in Binzen, exchanging ideas and shaping the future of cannabis.

About Cannabis-Net

Cannabis-Net is a network platform for research institutions and companies in Germany and Canada. These work together to develop cannabis without narcotic suitability for the market. There are many open questions: How do which cannabis genetics thrive in the Central European climate? What are the options for drying the flowers and making them usable? And how can cannabis be harvested by the hectare?

About Orocan AG

Orocan is a Swiss based start-up company, serving qualitative CBD products to the European market. Products are water-dispersible solutions which daily dose can be simply added to food, meals and drinks. The range starts from single-dose units to larger sized bottles. All products are lab-controlled and made of trusted CBD from the EU.

About Glatt GmbH

Glatt is your exceptional partner for integrated process solutions for developing, processing and manufacturing powder solids. Develop powerful technologies, roll out innovative ideas, share our cumulative expertise worldwide – that is our mission. With integral solutions to make your business a success. As a pioneer in fluidized bed technology, we are now the partner to companies in the pharmaceutical, food, animal feed and fine chemicals industries. Glatt offers a unique portfolio of innovative products and extensive services to support your company across the entire process chain, including process development for new products and formulations, process technology, planning, right up to construction of the plant itself to manufacture your product.

About ingredientpharm

ingredientpharm is active in the field of functional excipients and food intermediates. In the field of Cannabis, ingredientpharm offers diverse CBD additives of different CBD concentrations for B2B businesses. These additives can be easily added in existing formulations in food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry to quickly enter the growing market of cannabis products. All CBD products by ingredientpharm are free of THC (0.0% THC).

Cannabis-Net 2022


List of CBD approved products published by FSA

A list of CBD approved products published by FSA (Food Standards Agency, UK) has been published. This list contains CBD products linked to novel food applications. Thereby, the UK is the first country in the world regulating the market of safe, legal cannabis extracts for oral uptake. This FCA list is one important milestone towards a full approval which is expected in 2023 in the UK. Similar time lines count for European Union.

ingredientpharm is having high-level CBD additive solutions in the portfolio as intermediates for finished products. Formulation teams in cosmetics, food and feed industry might have a closer look on how easy it can be to boost existing products with CBD content.

External link to the list of CBD approved products: open external link.

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list of CBD approved products

Who is FSA?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for food safety and food hygiene in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It works with local authorities to enforce food safety regulations and its staff work in meat plants to check the standards are being met. The FSA also has responsibility for labelling policy in Wales and Northern Ireland, and for nutrition policy in Northern Ireland. FSA is a non-ministerial department, supported by 7 agencies and public bodies. Source: Food Standards Agency – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Why a CBD approved products list?

Within the recent years, CBD containing products started as a new hype in food and cosmetic product solutions. Small-cap companies and one-man shows went to this unregulated market. Despite of that, product quality was in some cases not on highest priority for sellers, as the FDA showed in recent news:

CBD study on labelling JAMA

  • 26% of products contained less CBD than claimed on the label,
  • 42% of products contained more CBD than claimed on the label,
  • 20% included detecable levels of THC that could cause intoxication at children.

Source: J Am Med Assoc.